Thunder Moon Tussle by Torn MacAlester is now available

BELGRADE, Mont. - MontaNews -- Thunder Moon Tussle, a near future science fiction novel by Torn MacAlester, is now available in Kindle and Paperback.

Thunder Moon Tussle is a near future science fiction novel by Torn MacAlester. The story takes place on the near future Moon. Nils is a prospector, sometimes smuggler, who seems to always get into altercations with the local deputy sheriff Genevieve (Gen) Miller. Deputy Miller finds out that Milton Johnson has hired Nils to go up to the lunar north pole and recover some information left there a few years ago. Gen convinces Nils to take her with him to recover the information. The story is Nils and Gen's journey to the lunar north pole, while Nils flashbacks to the time of the construction of the north pole facility.

The novel is part of a larger story series called Fabulae Lunae (Latin for Moon Tales). They are a collection of stories that are set on the Moon. The series comprises Thunder Moon Tussle (2021), The Lunadyne Incident and other stories (Coming Soon), and The Mask of the Joyful Moon (expected 2025). The world of the Fabulae Lunae is like ours, but it has a very different recent history.

Torn MacAlester is a science fiction writer living in Montana. He served in the US Marine Corps, got a PhD in astrophysics, and worked as a research engineer in aerospace applications for the past 20 years. Torn became a science fiction fan in the early '70s after the Apollo Moon missions ended. He took up writing science fiction early but has only recently been releasing stories to his readership. His background in science and engineering enabled Torn to blend knowledge into his stories. He balances those discussions to provide delight for a hard sci-fi fan while keeping the general audience engaged.

Excerpt from Chapter 4 of Thunder Moon Tussle:

Nils drove toward his home habitat.

"Hab 18?" Miller asked again, though Nils avoided the subject for the past half hour.

"Miller, how about I give you a bigger cut with my job–"

"I'd always take a bigger cut," she grinned.

"–in exchange for you not going with me?"

"Out of the question," Deputy Miller snapped back quickly. "I've got to look out for my investment."

"What investment?" Nils grumbled.

Full PDF of the novel is available to reviewers.

Book specifications:

Thunder Moon Tussle, by Torn MacAlester independently published on May 18, 2021, on Amazon Kindle, ASIN: B095NX8MZ1; Paperback independently published on 29 May, 2021, 6 x 0.81 x 9 inches, 359 pages ISBN-13: 979-8506863229



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